Faith Patrick is an artist working in London and Bayfield ON. She writes, makes games, and paints. Her artist books can be found at DNA Artspace in London ON. 

    Nita, in lilac 

    it’s your birthday 

    you’re the one 

    you give me just a little glance when you show me 

    your body 

    I guess I’m saying if 

    I were a man now 

    I’d kiss your lips 

    and it would be so sweet

    this one simple silky emotion 

    is such a beautiful thing 

    you’re some kind of soft rock moon Barbie 

    and you have me in a mood, gently mellow 

    Nora down by the lake 

    with cherries and trout 

    it is warm 

    and it is cloudless

    a soft blue wind makes 

    Nora’s hair a crazy thing 

    and the trees go ssshhhhh

    Nora smiles

    with teeth like milk and glass

    and a mouth like raspberry skin 

    she thinks about tears and semen 

    she thinks about lipstick and pink paper

    she thinks about a summer day 

    the smell of pineapple the roasting cherries and the fish 

    down by the lake the soft blue wind lingers around 


    enjoying her womanly ratios and her lack of urgency 

    urgency with a y 

    Clark in a woman’s blouse 

    like one of those yacht paintings

    a floral number, yes sunflowers

    he comes on with an undeniable sex appeal 

    me, myself, and God watch from seated positions

    I lean towards my neighbour and whisper 

    “he could sell me an umbrella on a sunny day”

    “what an ambiguous feeling” is her reply 

    screw you, I mouth 

    short beats of breath rattle my spine

    and my sex place

    bad girl

    good dog


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