Jenny Berkel is a singer-songwriter and poet from rural Ontario.
In between playing concerts across the globe, Berkel studies at Western University. 


Her most recent album, Pale Moon Kid (Pheromone Recordings), released in April 2016. While her writing has appeared in or is forthcoming in The Literary Review of Canada, Occasus, and The Puritan’s Town Crier.

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Everything Giant


You describe your body like a tick

microscopic view everything giant looking

for a way in


As if it is a thing meant simply

for taking 


I want to pluck this 

out of you crush it

between my fingers


The blood of your embarrassment

bursting beneath my thumb 


[September 11, 2017 | Occasus | Issue 7 | Poetry]

Going South


Back when south meant oranges

and alligators and twenty-one long

hours in a boxy blue minivan, gas 

stations springing up like oases

on the side of the I-95. A shift in

temperature with every stop, something growing

succulent in the air. Back when the bridge 

arced across the border in a promise.


Back before oranges meant juicy

chemicals and alligators meant viral 

videos and twenty-one meant legal

at last. Back before the north sprang

up like a star again, a shift swinging

at the wind again, something growing heavy 

in the air again. Back before the border’s

underbelly claimed fingers and toes.


Back when we were still small 

states in the country of our parents,

separate but the same.

Half Drunk


Drink up. Drink down. A low light curls

around the building’s snow sloped roof.

The slatted blinds, the lines of time,

the grit, the thick, the half drunk cup

your hands around the coming hours

drink up, drink down, these holy flowers

that lily bloom in winter cast

of low light curled in slow white pearl 

of petal trembling in the wake

drink up drink down the news it moves

all through the rooms the speaker croons

and casts itself in winter hues.

Drink up, drink down, drink up drink down

Up, down, up drink, down, up, down drink.

[September 11, 2017 | Occasus | Issue 7 | Poetry]


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