Shelly Harder studied literature and philosophy at Western University and University College Dublin, and has a first chapbook coming out with Baseline Press, October 2018.

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    why fucks come in clusters, the ontological status of memes, an explanation of spontaneity, 

    the history of sorrow, the objective vs. subjective composition of a prickle


    how to savour most fully a glass of milk, why Bach is clearer than crystal, what it would be 

    to be a star-nosed mole, what will be when our sun has died, what would be the dreams 

    of pickles if pickles dreamed


    why the solidity of the waking world can be good proof of its reality when it is the flimsiest 

    of chimeras from the standpoint of dream


    the sadness one skull can contain, the time one skull can contain


    how beautiful is Bach in light of that darkness





    once there was a kingdom in the clouds I cannot go there now 


    my mother held me to her chest and the stagger of her breath was the motion that clawed 

    open the duration of things 


    sometimes I watch the stars and they belly dance 


    the air is easy to be with I hold nothing back from the fog 


    the moon slinks blue 


    things happen tinctures of gentle chaos & brutality 


    bodies melt into severe dusk


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